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feature writing sampleI have newspaper feature writing experience, and I also plan to work my way into writing magazine articles. I’m willing to write sidebar text or small tidbits to start. Please view these clips to learn more about my writing tone and style.

Julie’s Human Interest Feature Samples


Culture Shock

Culture Shock: Japanese student adjusts to Green Bay” || View in .PDFKimiko Ushio, a Japanese student at UW-Green Bay adjusts to life in the USA.

Center is melting spot for studentsCenter is melting pot for students” || View in .PDf — The Intercultural Center reaches out to students of all nationalities, races, national origins, colors, and creeds.

Live poetry blindsides studentsLive poetry blindsides students” || View in .PDF — Sometimes poetry can really blindside you, especially if acted out live on campus.

Gamers club brings fantasy to lifeGamers Club brings fantasy to life” || View in .PDFThe Gamers Club reveals the art of massive role playing on campus. Get a look into role playing games before the Internet.

Gamers club brings fantasy to life

The Brady Bunch laughs their way into the 90s” || View in .PDF — Did you ever imagine the Brady Bunch living in some time other than in the 1970s? Well, they did at one time enter the 1990s.

Never fear the UWGB Writing Center is here

Never fear the UWGB writer center is here…” || View in .PDF — (This piece was originally published under a different title.) Students receive in-depth help with writing and the Center expands its hours to reach more people.

center is melting spot for students Students sing praise of the gospel choir” || View in .PDF — Campus gospel choir explains purpose of this musical group that unifies people in song.

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